Microsoft Excel – Top Six Features

It’s interesting how Microsoft Excel is loaded with tons of incredibly useful features – from various types of data charts and formulae galleries to editing tools, it has all the options to make our work much more streamlined and easier.

However, even though Excel has been around us for a really long time now, still it has many features that most of us aren’t aware of. According to Microsoft experts, these features can help us to enhance our everyday productivity and efficiency at work.

But, what are those features? Well, let’s explore together – In this article, we have come up with a complete list of the most uncommon Excel tools that might interest you. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

1.     Sparklines

Sparklines were first launched in 2010. Up till now, it is ranked as one of the most useful features in Excel that most of us know nothing about. Basically, Sparkline is a small chart that helps to enhance your data display. It provides the users with an exact visual representation of trends in their set excel rows. For example, you can use Sparklines to highlight the data that you have inserted in your Excel rows and columns.

To make the best use of Sparklines, always try to place the Sparkline near your data as it gives an even more prominent look to your inserted content. This feature can be specifically used to portray various sets of increases and decreases in economical values or cycles, and also to display data ranges in different colors, etc.

Interestingly, creating Sparklines is super-easy, all you need to do is just select your data range and click on insert in the data range. Once you are done, simply select your Sparklines type and enter your target range according to the display preferences.

2.    Small and Large Functions

Although most of us know about the MAX and MIN options in Microsoft Excel, almost none of us have gotten our hands on the Small and Large functions in Excel docs yet. These functions allow you to find the first, second, or any other smallest, or largest value in your data chart.

Most of the time, this feature is used in salary sheets, as it allows the analysts to search for data values that hold a specific numeric position in Excel sheets.

Other than that, we have various other uses for this feature as well. So, if you wish to know about it, then do not forget to check out this mini-guide by ExcelTABLE. It would help you to get a broader idea of Small and Large Excel features in detail.

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3.     Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting allows you to enjoy multiple features at once. For example, it helps you to create heat maps, explore interesting patterns to insert data, turn the table of content into your choice of colors, etc.

If you wish to use the Conditional Formatting option in Microsoft Excel, simply select your raw data and then direct to the Conditional Formatting option given under the Home. Now select the Color Scales as per your specifications.

Once you have picked your color from the chart, you will also be able to access color adjustment options via editing formatting tools.

4.     Remove Duplicates

Microsoft Excel offers an amazing Duplicate Removal feature to its users that allows you to clean and organize your data effectively.

Although this feature was launched in 2007, still it is ranked among the top favorite options for many users up till now, especially among the data analysts. The best part is that the duplicate removal feature is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is just select your data, and click on Remove Duplicates under the Data ribbon – it’s that simple.

Once you are done with it, Excel will automatically skim through your text and remove any duplicated/repeated information from your document easily.

5.    Slicers

Slicers can also be termed as visual filters, as they allow you to instantly narrow down your data and enhance its visual representation in different formats. Although Microsoft Slicer was first introduced in 2010, it became even more improved after its major upgrade in 2013.

Generally, Slicers are used in two formats – connected charts and raw data formats.

If you wish to add a Slicer in your Excel sheet, simply select your data range and head to the ribbon. Now, click on insert > slicer, and you are all done!

Sounds pretty easy, right?

6.    Print Optimization

Let’s admit it, most of us have problems while printing directly from Excel sheets – isn’t it? Well, Microsoft understands your concern too. Therefore, it provides you with easy printing options to facilitate the process. For example, some of its key features include:

·        Print Preview

·        Adjusting Margins

·        Fit to One Page

·        Printing Headers

·        Spreadsheet Design

·        Print Selection

·        Portrait Vs Landscape

Each of these options helps you to print your Excel sheets as per your specifications, and liking.


Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, Microsoft Excel provides us with tons of other advantages as well like effective data analysis, detailed demographics and data stats, etc.

Just in case, you wish to know more about the additional features of Microsoft Excel, then do not forget to check out its official website. It would not only provide you with its detailed specifications and uses but also give you a quick overview of its application in different areas.

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