Masturbation An Art Of Self Satisfaction

Let’s get real, we all do it. Masturbation that is. Masturbating is what we do to help ourselves fall asleep before bed or even early in the morning to kick start our day. It can even be entertainment when there is nothing else to do. Whatever your reason it is natural and healthy to masturbate regularly. There are hundreds of tips out there on how to enhance your sex life. But what about improving your masturbation experience? It is after all quality “me time” so why not reap it for its full potential? You should take the time to really enjoy it and heighten your sensations instead of it being something you quickly get done and over with

A majority of the population masturbates because they’re horny. It’s natural and healthy and there should be no shame in it. Masturbating is also a great stress reliever. It’s a key factor to getting to know your body better. When you know how to pleasure yourself it is easier to guide your partner into giving you that toe curling orgasm you’ve been craving. Masturbation indirectly helps you enhance your sex life as you learn to read your body signals. You learn how to pace yourself and keep a steady rhythm so you can control the frequency and intensity of your orgasms. You may think you know everything there is to know about pleasuring yourself but a few tweaks here and there are all you need to take your orgasms to a new level of pleasure.Read on to find out how.

Sex toys are a must-have for getting yourself off. Yes, fingers and hands can do the job just fine but with sex toys you can experience a range of different sensations and vibrations that will pleasantly surprise you and push you towards your sexual peak. Men initially exploring the sex toy market usually begin with masturbation sleeves and work their way up to more advanced sex toys. cock rings, couples vibrators and penis extenders are great beginner vibrators to try out. If you have already been around the sex toy block before you could try prostate massagers, anal Dildos or dick Pumps to enhance your masturbating experience. What makes sex toys so great is that you can use them while masturbating or with a partner. Sex toys for women offer vaginal stimulation, clitoral stimulation or both. Men should consider masturbator sleeves, cock rings, and penis pumps. Masturbator sleeves and penis pumps provide penetrating pleasure whereas cock rings offer stimulation to the shaft.

Whether you masturbate with sex toys or without, lubricant is essential if you want the best orgasm of your life. If you’re going to put in the effort why just settle for mediocre? Many people are under the wrong impression that lubricant is used only when you have problems with your sex life such as trouble maintaining an erection or achieving an orgasm. However lubricant can make masturbating an out of this world experience for you. There are several different types of lubricant you can choose from to mix things up including silicone based, water based, organic, flavored, warming, cooling and more. Lubricant helps add moisture to your genital area and increases sensitivity.

Take the time to make it special. Put on some soothing music and light those aromatherapy candles you’ve been hoarding in your closet since last Christmas. By getting in touch with all of your senses your pleasure levels are heightened to the max. Music and aromatherapy can help you get in the mood and relax you. Timing and location is everything. The worst thing that can happen while masturbating is having someone disturb or interrupt you. Make sure you have privacy so that you can pleasure yourself in peace. Now that we have covered the essentials of masturbation you can try a few new things you’ve learned to achieve better orgasms