How to Reset and Perform Arlo Camera Setup Process Again

Is your Arlo camera acting weird? Unable to do Arlo camera login? Have you lost or forgot Arlo camera login details? Getting issues while accessing the Arlo setup app If you nod in yes, then the only solution you are left with is to reset your Arlo camera back to factory default settings.

Don’t worry! Resetting Arlo camera is not a daunting task. You know, over time, 99% percent users face issues with their Arlo device. Such issues may range from improper Arlo camera setup to Arlo not receiving proper WiFi signals. In such case, it becomes necessary to reset your Arlo camera

Before You Reset Your Arlo Camera

Before we provide you process to reset your Arlo camera, we want you to keep some important points into consideration:

  • Disconnect every device that is linked with your Arlo camera

  • Remove the password from Arlo login account

  • Sign out from your Arlo account

  • Save the password by making a note on your smartphone or laptop

  • Uninstall the Arlo setup app (if installed)

  • Update your existing device (router or modem) if needed

Arlo Factory Reset Process

Here are the instructions to factory reset your Arlo camera. Let’s now make you familiar with the factory reset process:

  • First things first, unmount your Arlo camera and locate the sync button on it. Note it down, the sync button location varies from Arlo camera model to model.

  • Have you located the sync button? No worries! Release the camera from the camera housing. Once you are done doing this, you can have access to the sync button.

  • Press and hold the Arlo camera sync button for several seconds or until the camera LED starts blinking blue.

  • Now, you can release the Arlo’s sync button.

Note: If you have hold the sync button for a longer time then accepted, apply the reset process again.

Reconfigure Arlo Camera

To perform Arlo camera setup again, here are the instructions to be followed:

  • Right off the bat, download and launch the Arlo setup app and log in to the Arlo account.

  • Navigate to the Arlo Settings menu, click or tap on Settings > My Devices and select your Arlo camera you have just reset.

  • Now, click or tap on Remove devices and select the Yes option to confirm your decision.

  • Once you are done applying all the aforementioned steps, return to the Devices Home Page and click or tap on “Add a New Device.”

  • Reaching here, select your Arlo camera keeping its model number in mind.

  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the Arlo camera setup process with ease.

  • Mount your camera and link the disconnected devices with it.

  • Reconnect your Arlo camera to your WiFi and base station.

Unable to Perform Arlo Camera Setup?

If you are unable to perform Arlo camera setup process again after resetting it, then without worrying much, apply the fixes listed below:

  • Make sure you have a blazing-fast internet connectivity. Bear in mind, an unstable WiFi connection will never let you complete the Arlo camera setup process. Thus, for fixing the internet-connectivity issue, you must get in touch with your internet service provider as soon as possible. He will definitely help you fix slow internet issue, providing you an upgrading data plan.

  • Ensure to have the correct Arlo login details to access Arlo setup app.

  • Follow the Arlo camera setup instructions in exact given order. Be sure that you have completed your Arlo device in reach of the base station. Also, make sure that you have connected the Arlo device and the base station in a proper way.

  • Be certain that you have reset the Arlo device properly.

Bear in mind, wrongly performed Arlo factory reset process may corrupt its hardware, resulting in non-working of your Arlo camera. So, if you are a newbie, we suggest you see Arlo setup guide (manual). The guide will help you perform the Arlo reset process in a proper manner.

The Last Words

So, now we are putting a full stop to our post on “how to reset and perform Arlo camera setup process again?” We hope that the information we have provided here were helpful to you. Anticipating that you have reset and reconfigure your Arlo camera successfully. We would love to receive your feedback.